Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craigslist is a girls best friend

Let me begin this by saying that this post should have gone up yesterday. I have now spent 2 days obsessively trying to find the reference picture I wanted to use for the very last Craigslist find on this entry. Make your way down there and we will discuss further…

Holy Moly Craigslist had a ton of stuff today! I don’t know why but it seems I can never find anything that jumps out at me, so either my eye is becoming better or people are just getting rid of all their good stuff. Here’s some eye candy for ya!

China hutch (Sorry it's sideways)
Those doors remind me of this:

Chairs Paint these bad boys a nice high gloss white and they are fab!

Lattice Rug PB
$600 from the store, $300 from Craigslist

I feel like I’ve seen this idea (Drawer under the table) recently and I just can’t remember where. It was on someone’s blog, if it looks familiar help me out…

End tables $75 for the pair
They are just so cute. Love the Legs!

Slipper Chair Crate & Barrel
A steal at $35

Leather Throne Chair
I may actually call on this guy. $20, that’s unreal! He’s just missing 1 measly cushion

Pedestal Table $120 for table and 4 chairs

Over the couch mirror
I see this girl here with a nice coat of high gloss black paint. Yes? No?
I’m not the only one with mirror’s on my mind check this blog out!
And last, but certainly not least!

Exec Desk $299
Okay so this is my nemesis right now. Not the desk, which is gorgeous, but when I saw this one I instantly thought of another one I’ve seen recently on someone’s blog. They painted their desk white; it had cute brass accents, and also had a leather top to it. Also I believe it cost the buyer only $75, much better than the price of mine, but we aren’t all perfect. I cannot figure out for the life of me where I saw the original. I’ve spend 2 days looking obsessively through all the blogs I read (which is quite a few). Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch. If you know the desk redo I’m talking about help me out. I’m now officially going crazy about it.

That being said, I’d paint this desk white, leave the handles, and ogle over that intricate woodwork pattern every single day.

Thank you Craigslist for giving a girl something fun to do during her boring desk job.

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  1. Hey Steph! These are some great finds! My favourites are the wooden chairs and the mirror! Did you buy anything?

    How is the bag treating you?