Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seasonal Decorating.... hmmm

I referred to this towards the end of my post the other day and felt it needed to be expanded on. It’s a phenomenon I just don’t understand…

Rooms that are a season?
If it were my house, it should be every season. I don’t want a room I can only go in during the Summer.

I live in New England. I don't think I'd go in this room in the dead of winter.

What about a Fall only room. (I’ve seen ton’s of these around lately)

Not one thats been passed around much, mostly because it was an ad for West Elm Quilts. It just says Fall to me. What if this was your room the Spring time?

Same goes for Winter and Spring.

This room just screams winter to me. I stole the image from awhile ago by my computer is having an issue finding the exact link right now.

Unless someday I’m uber rich and can literally have a home that has seasonal rooms (and honestly I don’t think I’d ever want a house that big anyways).

I understand small things like throw pillows, linens, accessories can make all the difference, but for us very average people do we really have the time and money to change our house with the seasons? I am seriously asking this as a question, I don’t own a house and wonder how people manage. Is this something people out there are doing?

Yes you've seen that before on this blog. Love the room so much. Comes from here.

In my opinion all that room needs is a quick change of the linen's and it's ready for any season.

This phenomenon almost feels like when my Mom used to decorate for Holidays? I always thought Halloween decorations were a little over the top, but maybe just Fall decorations makes more sense. And that leads me to a whole other issue…
This is not my mom's house, she never did anything quite that elegant. It came from here.
Do we then consider throw pillows and linens decorations?

I’m lost on this whole entire idea.

The Bear Hill blog has the new fall colors by Pantone and "suggests" that we should decorate with them accordingly. Considering they are always the new “it” colors would I really want to do this? I mean I don’t like the idea of all neutral all the time, but I don’t want to do a trendy color now that I will either be sick of or will be out of date by next year.
I love the idea of trendy colors, like the red pictured above, but in reality… is this a good idea?
So what do you all think about decorating for the season or even for a trend?

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