Monday, September 13, 2010

Farewell Summer...

I’m already looking forward to fall, it is my very favorite season and totally satisfies my cozy homey cravings. From apple picking, to play-off baseball, to the first days of sweater wearing it just hits all the right spots for me. I’m trying to hold off on my enthusiasm for this Fall and the best way to do that is to hop online to check out summer sale items at my favorite retailers.

Love this 3 drink pitcher, not sure why I don’t have one yet, but I need it!

Orig. $149.90 Sale $99.90

Oh Neiman Marcus you kill me, now I know why I don’t have it yet… $100?

These get filed under my new obsession with Talbot’s

Orig. $39.50 Sale $13.29

Not only are these the most comfortable shorts ever, they come in great colors. Thank you Talbots for finally understand the word SALE…

Kate Spade= Love

Orig. $275 Sale $110

This bag is adorable and I’m not one of those crazy girls who can only use things for 1 season and then the next summer buy the newest trend. I love this bag and would save it for a summer present to myself next year. It is actually on sale. Awesome.

This is almost like a sale, but its mostly just smart shopping. Love the Summer Collection this year by Essie. $17 on their website $8.75 on

I’m a Pottery Barn girl at heart, so end of season sales get me every time. If I had a) tons of money and b) a house I’d be getting
this stuff pronto. Although if I had tons of money maybe I’d already have gotten it at full price, you know just because I could.

Table Orig. $799.00 SALE $559.00
Long Bench Orig. $269.00 SALE $188.00
Short bench Orig. $249.00 SALE $174.00
Corner, no longer available (That’s fine I bought it earlier with all my extra money)
Set of 6 Chairs Orig. $1,074.00 SALE $699.00

Limited Time Offer! Receive 50% off an Outdoor Furniture Cover with a purchase from the Chesapeake Furniture Collection. Place qualifying furniture item(s) and outdoor cover(s) in your shopping cart. During checkout, enter promo code COVER.

Whale Tote
Not on sale, but that’s okay… it’s too cute to pass up. Clearly I’m no longer interested in sale stuff anyways, I’m rich now.

Medium $49
Mini $29

A personal summer essential, while I can’t find these on the Clarks website, I know they exist. Every year at the beginning of summer I go to a Clark’s outlet store and buy these sandals in every color I can find.

Usually around $30-$40 (but the first pair I ever bought I found at TJ Maxx for $25

So that’s it. Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. Just wait until you see my favorite fall things!


  1. Love that Kate Spade bag!

    And thanks for showing me that picture of that shoe's gorgeous! You should definitely hunt down a similar one to what I got!

  2. The whale totes are adorable!! I'd pay full price for one of those too :-)

    I'm still coming to grips with the fact that swimming at the cottage is over for the year :-( Give me a few weeks, and I'll be loving fall -- but for now, I'm in mourning!!