Friday, September 3, 2010

Back from hiding

Hey all (although at this point I'm not sure I've got anyone left)

I know there is no excuse, but I got my first real job and have been too busy/exhausted to post. Lucky for me some parts of my new job include down time and internet access. This means not only have I been stockpiling images like it's my job (it's not), but I will hopefully be able to get into some sort of regular posting pattern.

In this economy I'm so grateful to have a job that even though it's not what I went to school for and it's pretty miserable it is nice to know that I will have some experience to throw on my resume. Plus now that I'm an adult (gasp) those insurance benefits really will come in handy when Dad kicks me off his.

I always wanted to work in sports and interned for 2 years with my local AHL hockey team, so when they called me specifically because someone had quit, I couldn't turn them down. I know the office, the employees, the bosses, and it's in my field. When I first graduated I had high hopes of not settling for anything less than a great job, oh how the mighty have fallen. I work 9-6 with an hour lunch break, making phone calls. It is technically a sales job, but its really more like a telemarketing job.

On to the positive side... I got to go shopping! Off I went to the mall. Every store I’m usually comfortable shopping in decided that this was the year of leggings with a long shirt, totally not work appropriate. (Or is it?)

Side Note~

My Aunt has worked at Talbots for as long as I can remember. When we used to go visit her at work the store was filled with “wealthy” old ladies. These ladies ranged from the elegant grandmothers, to the grumpy senile older crowd. The styles in the store catered to this.

A few years ago I went in to visit her again. My first reaction was excitement, I loved the clothes. My second reaction was OMG I have old lady taste. Laughing she told me it wasn’t me, they had tried to update the line and attract a younger crowd. Giant sigh of relief.

End Side Note~

I ended up heading over to Talbots to just say Hey, and again was surprised at how much I loved the clothes. I was even more surprised to see a giant 50% off sign in Clearance land. This made these clothes nearly affordable on my very small budget. After a quick Hello, she was busy helping out one of the more senile older ladies, it was off the clearance racks. My enthusiasm grew as I realized that the sale items were half off the already reduced price.

After 3 hours of picking out and trying on I knew why people were willing to pay extra for clothing from a nice store. Everything fit nicely, looked flattering, and was made of great quality. Here are some of the items I grabbed.

Flats in my favorite color, Kelly Green.

They gave my heels the largest blisters I've had in awhile, but were worth it!

A sweater to match.

I loved that sweater so much I got in a few other colors.

This Pink and Black too!

I was the girl in college who wore button downs with a cable knit sweater over. I wore them everywhere, one night I tried to wear it to the bar and my friends wouldn't allow it. The sweater set is my new version of that.

Brown Linen Pants, dry clean only… this is the official sign of big girl clothing

I also loooooove NY&Co city knit pants. They feel like sweats, but look like dress pants.

I bought three pairs when they were on the sale rack a couple years ago, but they were "long's" as a short girl I was prepared to have them hemmed in order to get them at just $10 a pair. For another $10 I paid to have them hemmed (with a cuff, a regular hem is just $5). $20 for pants that are the perfect length is unbeatable.

I also grabbed this shirt... Orange is my new favorite color!

These photo's all make it look like I wear lots of colors, but really it's usually a plain black, brown, etc colored pant with a cute shirt and a sweater. If I'm feeling lazy, it's just the sweater set.

Clearly I've had alot going on... like I said I stockpiled photo's. Just wait I even have idea's for future posts! That's all for now friends... I promise to be back!

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  1. You have been gone for a while, but I am glad you are back! CONGRATS on your job!! That is so great, even though it's not exactly what you wanted - it's a step in the right direction!

    And I guess I'm an old lady too, b/c I loved that stuff from Talbots! Ha ha