Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Bells and Summer Fun


One of my best friends is getting married. This means after months of planning, reserving, and stressing we are getting down to the final hour. While I'm just a bridesmaid, the maid (matron?) of honor is totally lacking. She hasn't planned a darn thing yet. I mean no bridal shower, no bachelerotte party, nothing. We are less than 3 months away and the bride is freaking out because she thinks she isn't going to have any of these traditional moments.
Here come my sister and I to save the day. My sister rocks but like every family, we argue... alot. After a few minutes of total disagreement her and I get on the same page and we get down to details.

We have a decent location for the bridal shower. Check. We have ideas for decorations (FYI the dollar store is killer for this). Check. We have participation from all of the bridal party. No Go. Not only is the maid of honor not doing her duty, only one other bridesmaid has responded to our many attempts at discussion.

A nice restaurant with a lounge, bar, and some good family connections for a discount!

We are working on it. More updates to come.

I saw a picnic suitcase online the other day and fell in love. For some reason I did not save the image, but it was easy enough to find some really cute ones through google.

Super cute right?

While looking I found what I thought were DIY instructions for repurposing an old suitcase into, but didn't actually include any of the instructions. And that was it. I am a little lost, no one has made a suitcase picnic basket? This has got to be easy enough. I am almost tempted to try it myself.

Wouldn't it make a really sweet wedding gift? Something creative and thoughtful.

In other news, Jersey Shore makes it much anticipated comeback tonight! I managed to catch the episode where Snookie takes a punch to the face, but they blacked it out. My sister, my cousin, and a bunch of friends plan on hooking up the projection screen outside so we can watch the premiere of Season 2 outside on the side of the garage.

Kind of like this!

It's like our own private drive in. One more reason I love summer.

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