Saturday, July 3, 2010

Laundry... Shoot!

One of my least favorite chores is LAUNDRY! Growing up my washer and dryer was in the basement and my bedroom was on the the second floor. That makes for a very long trip and a very annoying day. I was of course one of those kids who had to do her own laundry and I, also of course, always waited until I ran out of clean underwear. Inevitably I spent and entire day waiting for the timer to go off so I could go switch it over and carry the clean clothes allllll the way back upstairs. I know 2 floors isn't all that much, but with thousands of pounds (haha) of laundry it seemed like forever.

One of my good friends had a laundry chute in their house, a genius idea that I wish my parents would have been convinced of! Here is a modern take on the old school hole in the floor...

Here is the top of the chute... (It's hidden, but still cute and hard for kids to fall down)
And here is where your dirty laundry lands...

Talk about a stylish hassle-free way to get around the many floors of weight lifting. Lately it seems the popular thing to do is to put the "laundry room" (who needs a whole room?) on the same floor as the bedrooms. Not a bad idea, but the laundry chute just calls to me.

I'm still on the lookout for an easy way to create a laundry lift! If I could eliminate the clean clothes being carried back up I'd be totally sold on the lower level laundry area. Any ideas?

Another way I see my future laundry space being improved is color! Many appliance's have been brought into the 21st century with a big dose of color...
I can't believe I'm about to say this, but that red is gorgeous. I'm usually a blue or green kind of girl, but something about that red screams elegance. Who doesn't want there least favorite chore to suddenly become something extravagant? Hopefully I hit the lottery soon.

In this new generation of thinking green and being raised by someone who stated that "If the air conditioners were in the windows then the dryer better not be on" I'm a clothes line enthusiast. I came across this indoor laundry drying system by Laundry Lift and I have fallen in laundry love.
Not only is it easy to hang 30 lbs. of laundry, but it's smart! Heat rises and by putting the clean clothes up near the ceiling they are utilizing that warm air, while being kept out of the way. So cool.

Looks like I might need a whole room for laundry after all.

So here comes my dilemma... better to have the laundry on the lower floor or on the same floor as the bedrooms? What if you have bedrooms on multiple levels? My poor future husband better be handy!

Here's to life! :)


  1. I always thought the laundry chute was the coolest thing when I was a kid. I have a laundry "closet" on the second floor...where the bedrooms are. I love having it up there, I just wish I had a whole room for it rather than a closet in the middle of the hallway.

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