Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I just couldn't hold back

So much for being unsure if I could do this daily, I've been trying to hold back from hourly. Let's see here are two videos that are not only amazing, but I guess fall under artsy!

Dance, dance, dance... I got my gymnastics start due to dance and I will continue to return to it! Talk about two fantabulous videos. If you haven't already, please click and watch.

Onward now-
Sign up for it's awesome. I just created my account and already have a pile of nicely organized and labeled things I love (all design images, but it'll grow).

One of my many dream homes is up for sale...

If only I had a spare half million dollars laying around. The photo's listed of the inside show great bones and lots of potential, but probably I'd redo everything (go figure). See previous post with green subway tiled kitchen, did you think that I'd be lucky enough to just move into one... because I don't. A nice farmhouse sink would fit right in though, don't you think?

House Specs- 4 bed, 3.5 bath, separate in-law suite, 1 acre lot, set back far from road, deck around back, and did you see that gorgeous circular area? The only thing I'd change is.... more windows! Windows are my favorite... I'm even willing to clean them if it means I get tons of light.

Guess that spare half million needs to be increased to a spare million. I mean be realistic: kitchen redo, window additions, plus I'm sure that there is no library. I love to read. I am frequently called the book monster. If I could I'd read a book a day, at this point in time (being mostly jobless) that is what I'm averaging. A library is required... maybe one like this

Those books look ultra classy, most of mine are trashy romance novels, but I'm thinking I don't care all that much... we are who we are. FYI: Favorite new book is Janet Evanovich's Sizzling Sixteen. Talk about a funny lady.

Not sure how this posting went from dance to home to books but it pretty much sums up my life. Here's to life.


  1. I love Glee and Single Ladies was definitely one of their all-time best numbers!

  2. Glee is great, but I can watch that episode over and over again and still giggle hysterically! Did you check out that SYTYCD clip?