Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fresh Start

After spending hours looking at design blogs, wedding blogs, and the many other blogs that I have managed to stumble upon, I decided it was my turn. As a twenty-something it seems like all the blogs I look at are helping me to picture my future. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but every other twenty-something girl out there seems to care about 3 things, that party, those shoes, and of course that guy. Well I've got the guy, I'm way past the "party" stage, and well 2 out of three just doesn't cut it (No girl ever stops caring about those shoes). I'm in the hurry up and wait stage. As a recent college grad I can't wait to land my first "real" job, but in this economy... it's not looking great. At this point I'd be excited to just get out of my/the boy's parents houses, again no job. Well I shouldn't say that, I'm not jobless... I coach gymnastics and love almost every second of it, but I went to school for Marketing and PR, not coaching.

Like every other girl out there I'm looking for my happily ever after... and right now it looks like this in my head.

1. Great Job (Something in sports)
2. Fabulous House (Has to have character)
3. Forever with a genuinely good guy (Can't believe I found one)
4. Kids... maybe... someday... far off in the future

Not a bad picture huh? I've even got details nailed down... I want to work for a Professional sports team writing press releases, helping with advertising and merchandising. I want to live real close to a city, but not in it. I want my kitchen to have a green subway tile backsplash, which opens up to my living room that has a pretty mix of green and navy and a light blue, oh and two kids. Lets not discuss gender, you don't get to pick so why worry?

Obviously I've put some thought into this. Plus, like I said, I've put tons of time into looking at design blogs.

Is this where I'm supposed to upload a picture of myself, my guy, and our future children? Maybe, but I haven't played that "What will your kids look like?" game on Facebook. I'm also not sure on the whole putting my face to this yet... I'm not ashamed, but I know I'm outspoken in my views and don't want to have to edit myself.

I like country music, but don't believe in God. I like high heels, but spend most of my time in flip flops. I love the summer, but can't picture life without snow. I'm a walking contradiction... did I mention I'm in my twenties? I'm a little bit girly but mostly I get along with geeky guys. I have a favorite video game, Super Mario. I have this weird obsession with dinosaurs...

Yeah that about sums it up. This blog is my space to vent, to think, to share, to learn, and to grow. Life is sloppy and messy, but I want it to be honest and happy and filled with joy. Here goes nothing!


  1. Congratulations on starting your own blog! I just started mine exactly 2 months ago today and I am loving it...and I know you will too! I really enjoyed reading your first posting, so I'm looking forward to future posts. We actually have a lot in common - 20-something, background in marketing, obsessed with design blogs, wanting a house with character...You will get there with your job. You seem like you have drive and a vision of what you want, so it's only a matter of time. Where are you located by the way??

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! Thank you so much for your nice comment yesterday. I'm really flattered that my blog played a small part in you starting one. :) Blogging is a great experience and I wish you all the best with yours.