Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's been awhile...

So here's how it goes...

I had this great idea for a posting about my favorite street I've ever seen. It's called Shirley Blvd. and this is what it looks like...

I have family that lives not on the street, but in the area and not so affectionally call it Shirley expletive Blvd. because the resident's are slightly stuck up. My cousin also refers to this street as the nicest one in the ghetto. Personally, I think they have every right to be snooty.

You can see it in all it's tree-lined glory why I would want to dedicate an entire post to it. Life means the second I get this idea, my camera malfunctions. And by malfunction I mean when I turn it on all that came up was, "Len's Error". After Googling the topic to death I found that it's repairable, but generally not a good option because it's cheaper to just buy a new one.


So I sat down with one of those teeny tiny screwdriver kits and took apart my camera piece by piece. This one to be exact...

Yes I just happen to have it around...

After 3 hours, which made me more sympathetic to those who have to wear glasses, I turned on my camera and it worked! I mean I literally had my camera in pieces, blew onto a few different ones that looked important and VOILA! It only took me about 2 weeks to get around to it too. Ugh!

So of course the very next day I found myself driving down Shirley Blvd. with my boyfriend in the passenger seat calling my a stalker.

Here is some of the gloriousness that is Shirley Blvd... enjoy!

In the world of me... the library is important, so this one literally at the end of Shirley Blvd. is perfect.
Sorry for the slight crookedness, but here is how Shirley Blvd. starts... with a bang! Each side has a room, the right is a true sunroom (all windows), and the left has a bight more brickwork and halfwalls, but still tons of light. As you can almost see the roof of the room on the left doubles as a patio. This house has looked empty for months and I cannot figure it out... but it adds some mystery to it!
Interesting choice with the second peak. It's shingled just like the roof and adds something to the house. (I'm still not sure I love it, but I've never seen anything similar to it, so it was post worthy)
Beautiful Brick Porch. A little overgrown in the front, but I've got a porch obsession.
This picture makes me a little sad because you can't really see my favorite part... which is the surround on the top mini-window. It must have been copper originally because it has this great aged green look and is absolutely stunning. The rest of the house is nothing super special, but that one tiny piece makes all the difference.
I love a house with a breeze-way. This is right next door to the house above and boy do they compliment each other well.
This is the end of Shirley Blvd. A little bit of white picket fence goodness.

So here is the deal... I didn't even take half the pictures I could have. And once I explained the reasoning for the pictures, my boyfriend encouraged me to go back on foot and take better pictures. We currently live about 5 minutes away and I intentionally drive down this street at least once a week. (Boyfriend is muttering the background that this is a lie, it is actually more).

There is something so wonderful about this street. Maybe that half of it lies against a pond (in the backyards), so there are some water views. Maybe it's the many different styles of architecture and building. Maybe it's the fact that it is literally tree-lined. Or maybe it's the library at the end. My goal is to live on Shirley Blvd. someday. This freaks boyfriend out because he has an ex whose parents live on the street. He will just have to get over it.

I have a lot more to fill you in on, add ons to my wish list. A real grown up job, my very first one, and summer activities galore. But for now, just sit back and enjoy Shirley Blvd. Maybe I will do a walking trip and share some more!

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