Thursday, July 15, 2010

Design Style

What got me started blogging was From the Right Banks What's your style in one picture contest. While I am still on the lookout for my style in one picture... this quiz by Sproost helped me narrow it down. And to be honest, I think they might be right on.

So I'm apparently...
55% Traditional Country
Image via Sproost quiz via My Home Ideas
27% Nantucket Style
Image via Sproost quiz via Traditional Home

18% Classic
Image via Sproost quiz via Sunset

This photo was listed under Classic, but I think it's the perfect marriage of the three styles
Image via Sproost quiz via Sunset

The photo's I like to post up here are things I find beautiful and inspiring, but not always rooms I can picture myself living in. I mean really, all that navy in that last post was beautiful and elegant, but do I want my home to be that calculated and planned? Not so much. I like the more comfortable lived in style of country, the beachy-ness of Nantucket (which by the way is one of my favorite places to go), and the formal-ness of classic (even though it's not entirely realistic).

The marriage of these three styles is what realllly makes my heart sing. These photo's will all go into the Someday for my dream home folder.

This entry into From the Right Banks contest is super close to what I would call my own style in one picture...

Designed by Bear Hill Interiors out of Arkansas

It's more the Nantucket Style, but it goes from bright on the dining side into soothing on the living side. Don't think I could realistically do a white couch, but man oh man does this image make me happy. A few touches of dark wood on the ceiling (I'm a sucker for beams) and maybe a touch darker on the flooring and I'm in heaven.

I am one lucky gal to have found the blog's that I have come across so far... but most especially Shannon at What's Up Whimsy. Not only do I find her posts truly inspiring, I love the links she posts, the blogs she follows, and her recent giveaway (which I won). You don't have to be good at blogging to find great ideas and win beautiful things. I'm really looking forward to see this gorgeous bag in person!

Thanks again Shannon! :)

That's all for today!


  1. I have absolutely no idea what my style is. I'm kind of all over the place, but I tend to be drawn towards rooms that combine modern and traditional elements. But not too traditional. And not too modern!! See, no idea :-) I should take the Sproost quiz!!

    Thanks for making your way over to DesignTies and for your feedback on my drawings :-) Hope to "see" you again soon :-)


  2. I love all sorts of styles! Loving your blog hun!