Friday, September 17, 2010

Not what I meant to post, but good nonetheless

I had this great idea to do a regular post on Fridays with some home’s for sale that boast beautiful interiors. I figured I’d just look through a couple of totally outrageously priced homes and voila, I’d have a post. Boy was I wrong. So I spent the entire morning and most of my afternoon on Sotheby’s. I began in the upper $25,000,000 range. Yes that’s right homes above the $25 million mark. They were so over the top it became not-fun. It was hard to even picture myself living in anything like that. I like my fantasies to have some small basis in reality.

(Or exterioirs as the case may be)

I redid my search for something below a measly $1 million. I know I know, it’s chump change, but there has to be something decent for that price right, hah!

(That's the very same house, sigh)

Well my only pre-requisites were that it be under $1 million, in the U.S., and near a beach. It returned 201 pages of results. No wonder I wasted my whole day looking at crazy houses. I managed to look through the first 15 pages of results before wondering what lay at the bottom of the barrel.

(This is the top of the barrel)

That is where my post idea took a total turn and we end up with this gem.

For $35,000 you can buy a condo in Hawaii. I repeat: For $35,000 you can buy a condo in Hawaii. How unreal is that? It’s located at the Kauai Beach Resort. It has partial ocean views.

It looks a little bit like a hotel room, but seriously, that is nothing to pay for ocean views in Hawaii. Plus you get a doorman and use of the exercise room and hot tub.
It’s currently listed as a short sale so hop on it!

Next Friday I promise pretty rooms in homes for sale.

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