Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm back(ish)

Jeepers, I’ve been lost in blog-land lately. I’ve been doing a whole ton of reading and no writing. I guess I wanted to start this more as a way to keep track of some great images and then I found and used that for filing. It began to be more work to put together whole posts with a story or a point when all I wanted to was access into this crazy world.

I’ve been dragged all over into things that interest me, starting with interior design and moving into some crazy craft blogs, some awesome make your own clothing blogs, really awesome wedding blogs, and so many more random blogs that I just adore.

I have a list in a word document that is 5 pages long. I’ve found stores and magazines; honestly the list just goes on and on. I’m not sure how to continue with this thing. It’d be so much fun to dedicate time to it, grab a whole pile of followers, and get famous, but honestly I have a regular day job from 9-6, a boyfriend, a crazy family, and I am an active person. I like to be out whenever possible. This greatly restricts my ability to sit down and write a post.

Blogging may not be the exact thing for me, but this is going to become my dumping ground for all things awesome. My pinterest site will probably become my primary way to post FABULOUS pictures, but I couldn’t help but want to share some of these sites. Check em out yo!
Fabulous Craft site
Fabulous Clothing Crafting
Her tag line is Fabulous, For Less and it’s true

Are you seeing any sort of Fabulous pattern here, I should pull out my Thesaurus maybe…
I’m not a Mom, but this site is inspiring and…well… fabulous
She works for HGTV, she has great taste in music, and she’s (you guessed it) fabulous!
Mostly furniture etc, but look at all those crazy designer items she finds elsewhere. That is fabulous
She wears cute clothes, her husband takes photos, and I enjoy. Fab!

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