Friday, November 12, 2010

Decisions Decisions

I can’t help but wonder if I’m in the right career. I am currently working for an AHL hockey team, in a glorified sales position. The money is horrible, the hours are insane, but I get health benefits and I have a job straight out of college.

Then I realize I spend 60% of my day at work looking at design blogs, magazines, and websites. That can’t be normal right?

I troll Craigslist like its my job finding free/cheap things that I imagine myself purchasing and making over. I don’t own my own house, I don’t even rent. Right now I live with my boyfriend and his Mom. She’s getting older and can’t live on her own. She’s also certifiably insane, opposed to change, and thinks I’m out to get her. Awesome.

So the only idea I keep coming back to over and over again is saving up some money, buying some of these crazy pieces, re-purposing them, and selling them off. Etsy store? Craigslist? I don’t really care, but I want projects. I want to buy a hideous dresser and make it into something fabulous. I want to take that ugly free side of the road lamp, spray paint it with some high gloss paint toss a new lampshade on top and find a happy home for it.

The issue here is how I convince people (my family, the boy, his mom) that I’m not crazy. How do I successfully set up an etsy store where people want to buy the junk I’ve refinished/repurposed. There are some great finds at thrift stores that beg to come home with me, but I have no room or reason for. I found this beautiful sofa on Craigslist for free; I went to pick it up and discovered it wouldn’t fit in my SUV. This got me to wondering where I was going to put it anyways… Can’t put it at the boyfriends house, his mom will go crazy, plus she lets the dog destroy everything. The plan was to hold onto it until I saved up the money for re-upholstery (it was pretty hideous and worn out) but who really knows when that will be. And what’s the point when I have no-where to put it anyways?

So I sit at work every day and wonder if I should just do it, save up some money make some good smart purchases put the time and effort into re-doing them and work at the re-sale part. It’s amazing the inspiration I find on blogs all over the place. People out there work their boring day jobs and go home to their dream jobs that just haven’t taken off yet. This is my dream job, but is it realistic? Could I really make a living off re-purposing people’s used leftover furniture and accessories?

I’d need some storage space and work space to do all this. The boyfriend’s house has a garage that is used for storing crap… but it’d be awfully presumptuous for me to just assume I could take it over. His mom already thinks my goal is to get her kicked out of her house. What’s a girl to do?

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  1. It's definitely realistic! It's something I plan on doing too as soon as I get some storage space. This company is inspirational: